Chris Hadfield- Space hero with moustache

I have been a fan of Chris Hadfield since some weeks. He is an astronaut circling the earth in the ISS. Soon he is coming back to ground after staying in space for some months.
He is heavily active in releasing pictures out of the space station, shooting the earth from above. The CSA put up a lot of videos in their youtube-channel. Watching these videos reminds me of my first idea of what I would like to become when I´m grown up: an astronaut. Even so the surrounding looks cold and sterile, the fascination still exists. It is much more 2001: Space Odyssey than I expected (probably without HAL).  Not that romantic as I dreamed of in my childhood, but still fascinating as fuck.

Now these days the CSA released a music video. Chris Hadfield goes Davis Bowie!!! OMG. I don´t know what brought me tears in my eyes. Is it the music, the lens flares or the earth in the background?! Whatever, I wanna go to space!!


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