Mount Triglav

Tomorrow we are leaving the lovely city of Ljubljana towards Triglav National Park. I could easily stay here for some more weeks. The street theater festival which goes on right now is just a glimpse of what this city offers.

The last two days consist of drinking coffee, walking around, drinking a beer, walking around, meeting people, drinking radler, walking around. And it absolutely doesn´t even come close to be boring. If anyone of you reading this and haven´t been yet to LJ here is my request: GO THERE! You won´t regret. A perfect mixture of a small vibrant city with beautiful small streets, tourist sights and alternative party locations. I immediately fell in love again.

But, there is always an end. In my case this means hiking up the Mount Triglav. I don´t have an idea of what hiking up 2800m will mean, but soon I will find out. If I wouldn´t have my austrian mountain goat by my side, I couldn´t do this.

So Daniboy, tie your shoes and lead me the way 🙂


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