foodfail #1

today first real foodfail:

I went into this izakaya (pub with food or small restaurant with drinks) and ordered from a japanese map. it looked like grilled squid, rice and fried squid. would have been actually really well.

as that stuff came I took my chopsticks to take a piece of the squid, dipped into soysauce, put it in my mouth and got a short shock. that squid is half frozen… hmm ok sushi then, probably it should be like that (yesterday I had cold noodles in an izakaya with vegetables, actually it seems like this is not too strange). the real problem was, that this squid was kinda filled with something, I guess his guts. and the schnabel was also still intact.

no thanks :/

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One thought on “foodfail #1

  1. 6ifacial says:

    Du bist auch so’n Schnabel 🙂

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