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pulau langkawi

anscheinend ist diese insel an der westküste malaysias voller geschichten und legenden. die für mich spannendste ist folgende:


Gua Langsiar – Cave of the Banshee
Gua Langsiar is located on the western coast of Pulau Dayang Bunting, this “Cave of the Banshee” is recommended only to serious cavers with mountain climbing experience as the ascent to the cave demands great climbing skill and absolute physical fitness. Surprisingly, you’ll not find any stalactites and stalagmites here. Instead, the huge gloomy chambers are permeated with lurking shadows, reinforcing the superstition that the cave is haunted by the spirit of a woman who, like Dracula, lives on the blood of humans.
Bats and Banshees?
Gua Langsiar is a cave so deep and dark that the previous generation of the locals would not dares to venture in. People today claim that thousands of bats live in it but the local people of yesteryear would not set foot there, not even for all the riches in the world. They are convinced the cave is home to a female vampire called the langsiar, which, after having lured men to its lair, would suck their bodies dry of blood. No one would go near Gua Langsiar, for they believe that the eerie sounds that come from the depths of the cave are the cries of the banshee and it is enough to make their blood run cold and their hair stand on end?.
nmfalls ich mich also demnächst nicht melde, lebe ich mit meiner geliebten vampirin in einer höhle in malaysia.
schnell noch die zähne putzen!